Recirculation: Proposed Amendments to the Optometry Act, Designated Drugs and Standards of Practice Regulation, and Controlled Acts

The Clinical Practice Panel of the Quality Assurance Committee has proposed amendments to the Optometry Act, Designated Drugs and Standards of Practice Regulation, and Controlled Acts. The proposed amendments would give optometrists the authority to prescribe all topical and oral drugs that are within the scope of practice of the profession. They would also allow optometrists to remove superficial foreign bodies from below the surface of the cornea, to dispense drugs for the sole purpose of trialling a therapy, and to specify diagnostic ultrasound as a prescribed form of energy for the performance of corneal pachymetry or ocular ultrasonography.

The College would like to thank members and stakeholders who reviewed the proposed amendments for the thoughtful feedback. Your responses have led to these further amendments:

  • proposed paragraph 2.(e) under the Designated Drugs Regulation explicitly prohibits the sale of drug samples
  • amended paragraph 7.(2.2) under the Designated Drugs Regulation adds active physician oversight when oral steroids are prescribed
  • OPR 7.14 Removal of Foreign Bodies from the Cornea articulates standards of practice related to foreign body removal by optometrists

These amendments are explained further in the response document below. The proposals will be recirculated for 60 days for comment from members and stakeholders.

The College invites and welcomes your input on these proposed changes. Council will carefully consider all comments received before making final decisions on these proposals. Please send them by email, fax, post, or survey (link sent directly to members of the College).




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