Research Award Update

The College completed the inaugural year of its research grant program, which awards funds to innovative and high-quality research endeavors focused on health profession regulation. At the end of last year, two projects were chosen by the Research Steering Group as winners:

1. Peer-centered Quality Assurance Activities: How effective are they at supporting maintenance of competence?

Researcher: Dr. Zubin Austin (University of Toronto)

Objective: Assess the value of peer-centered models as part of the regulatory toolkit of quality assurance methods

2. Regulating Healthcare Professionals’ Ethical Challenges when Practising in a Digital Age

Researchers: Dr. Tracey L. Adams (University of Western Ontario), Dr. Kathleen Leslie, Dr. Sophia Myles

Objective: Identify ethical challenges brought about by technological change and provide recommendations for improving codes of ethics and practice guidance to support professional workers practicing in the digital age

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to watching these important and innovative projects move forward, and to incorporating their findings into the College’s structures and policies in the years to come.

The College would also like to express its gratitude to all researchers who took the time to respond to last year’s call for proposals, and to the numerous individuals involved in the review process, including Council members, review panelists, members of the Research Steering Group, and the various staff who manage and oversee the program.

Stay tuned in the coming months for the announcement of 2023’s research award!