Map of location of COO


65 St. Clair Ave E, Suite 900

Toronto, Ontario M4T 2Y3

Telephone 416 479 9295

  • After calling the number,
    • Press 1 to speak to a practice advisor (Please note that the College’s practice advisors are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 11:30 am and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm)
    • Press 2 to speak to the Investigations & Resolutions department regarding complaints
    • Press 3 to speak to the Quality Assurance department
    • Press 4 to speak to an administrative staff

Toll-free 1 833 402 4819

Fax 647 577 4271

The College is not accepting walk-ins at this time. Please call or email to get in contact with the College, and we will respond to your email or voicemail (if we miss your call) within 2 business days.

    College Contacts

    Please remove the spaces when copying the email addresses below.

    General Inquiry

    General information about the College – info @


    Information on application and registration services – registration @

    Quality Assurance

    Information about the Quality Assurance program including practice assessments and continuing education – qa @

    Complaints & Concerns About an Optometrist

    Information on investigations, hearings, filing complaints, and general inquiries relating to concerns about an optometrist – complaints @

    Practice Advice

    Information and guidance on standards of practice – practiceadvisor @


    Information and general inquiries relating to the finance department – finance @


    Information on professional corporations – corporation @

    Executive Office

    Information on stakeholder and regulatory matters – executive @

    College Staff List

    Executive Office

    Joe Jamieson, M.Ed, OCT – Registrar & CEO

    Hanan Jibry, P.Eng, Lic. Paralegal – Deputy Registrar


    Renjini Achary – Administrative (General)

    Grace Nicer – General/QA Administrative Assistant

    Ellaha Pardis (on leave) – Office Assistant/Accounting Clerk

    Maya Sharmin – Acting Office Assistant/Accounting Clerk

    Sonya Kadarally – Coordinator/Member Database Administrator

    Jodyne Pardo (on leave) – Coordinator, Administration (Registration)

    Tina Nasiakos – Acting Coordinator, Administration (Registration)


    Jaslin Facey – Communications Manager


    Deborrah Lim – Manager, Finance & Office Administration

    Informatics & Information Technology

    Edward Cho, MPH, MHI, CIPP/C – Manager, Informatics & Information Technology

    Investigations & Resolutions

    Adrita Shah Noor, JD – Senior Manager, Investigations & Resolutions

    Mohammad Aqib Paracha – Coordinator, Investigations & Hearings

    Eden Tsafaroff – Case Manager, Investigations & Decisions

    Policy & Patient Relations

    Chad Andrews, PhD – Director, Policy & Research

    Practice Advice

    Quality Assurance

    Bonny Wong – Manager, Quality Programs