Annual Membership Renewal

Every year, practising and non-practising optometrists are required to renew their membership on or before December 15 with the College online. If your membership is suspended and you wish to renew, you must first contact the College to have your status reviewed.

The College will notify you via email that the renewal portal is open. Please make sure your contact information is up to date.

The renewal process and submission of your Annual Report and fee payment can be completed online through the College portal:

The renewal portal opens November 15 each year for you to complete your annual renewal form for the current year information and pay your membership fee for the upcoming year through your College account.  Members can renew online between November 15 and December 15 annually.

A complete successful renewal involves:

  • completing the annual membership renewal form, which includes questions about your employment status, practice, education, professional liability insurance and ensuring that your profile information is up to date.
  • paying an annual membership fee.

Once you have successfully completed the annual membership renewal form and paid your fee, a confirmation order will pop up on your screen.  Please print this document for your records.  A copy of this confirmation order is also sent to your email on file with the College.

Registrants who do not renew their registration by 11:59 p.m. on December 15 annually, will have the option to renew within 30 days with a late fee applied to their account. If your renewal is not submitted within this late fee 30-day period, your membership will be suspended.

Suspended individuals are not permitted to practise optometry in Ontario and the suspension is reflected on the Public Register. Once suspended, you will have to contact the College to have your status reviewed if you wish to practise. 

Changing Status During Renewal Period

To change your status from practising to non-practising during the annual membership renewal period, you must contact the College with your request, as changing your status may affect your fee.  Once the College has completed a review of your status and ensured that you have met all requirements, then you will receive an email from the College to advise you that may proceed with your renewal.

Not Renewing

If you have decided to not renew your membership, you must notify the College by completing and submitting the Retirement\Resignation form by email or mail if you intend to resign or retire your membership. Your retirement\resignation is not complete until you submit the Retirement\Resignation form.

The effective date of retirement\resignation means you are no longer registered to practise optometry in Ontario and no longer a member of the College from this date onwards.

Failing to formally advise the College of your intention to retire\resign, may result in your membership being suspended or revoked.

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