Quality Assurance Program

In accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, each regulated health College in Ontario must have a Quality Assurance (QA) Program that includes:

  1. continuing education or professional development;
  2. self, peer and practice assessment; and
  3. a mechanism for the College to monitor registrants’ participation in, and compliance with, the quality assurance program.

The purpose of the College of Optometrists of Ontario’s QA Program is to assist members in meeting these legislative obligations, while also ensuring Optometrists in Ontario are competent professionals who continually upgrade their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of changing practice environments and patient needs. The QA Program is intended to be a supportive learning experience for members and is not punitive in nature.

The College’s current QA Program consists of:

  1. A mandatory Continuing Education component and subsequent audit process.
  2. Peer-conducted Practice Assessments to appraise the practice of members.
  3. A Practice Evaluation component to evaluate members’ clinical ability.
  4. A Remediation component to assist members in correcting deficiencies in practice or clinical ability.

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