Bergez Sentencing Announced

This follows three full days of hearings in July and another day in August. Justice Turnbull found that Mr. Bruce Bergez and Mrs. Joanne Bergez were guilty of civil and criminal contempt.

In today’s decision, on the finding of civil contempt, Justice Turnbull sentenced Mr. Bergez to one year incarceration with no parole. With respect to the finding of criminal contempt, Justice Turnbull has reserved this sentence until Mr. Bergez’s year incarceration has been served. Justice Turnbull has also reserved the sentencing of Ms. Bergez until the completion of Mr. Bergez’s one year incarceration.

The College is currently unaware if these sentences will be appealed. A copy of the decision will be posted on the College website, once it has been released. 

Dr. Murray Turnour, Registrar of the College stated, “In the circumstances, the College feels that Justice Turnbull’s decision is fair and reasonable.”