The College Performance Measurement Framework, CPMF, is a tool that requires all health regulatory colleges to report on their performance in the standards that the Ministry deems are best practice for regulatory colleges. This information is not assessed by the Ministry but rather shared with the public to help strengthen accountability and oversight of Ontario’s health regulators. The report that is submitted this year reports on the previous year (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2023).

There were no changes to the 2023 CPMF reporting template from the 2022 template. The reporting tool continued to highlight eight pieces of ‘Benchmarked Evidence’. These pieces of evidence were identified as attributes of an excellent regulator that colleges should meet or work towards meeting. Our College again met all 8 measures with this ‘Benchmarked Evidence’ designation in 2023.

On March 25, 2023, the College posted and submitted its 2023 CPMF Report following Council’s approval. You can find the 2023 report along with previous reports here.

Analysis of Results

In the 2023 report, the College reported meeting or partially meeting all 50 measures (this number excludes the System Partner domain). The College met all 8 measures with the ‘Benchmarked Evidence’ designation. See Figure 1 for the distribution of responses in the 2023 CPMF report and Figure 2 for a comparison of the response distributions between the 2022 report and the 2023 report.

The same 3 measures that were Partially Met in the 2022 report were again marked with Partially Met in the 2023 report. Our College takes a conservative approach when completing the CPMF report, which means that if we are not 100% confident in marking a measure Met, we would rather opt for Partially Met. You can read more about the following 3 measures and our commitment for improvement in the report:

  • 3.3b – The College conducts Equity Impact Assessments to ensure that decisions are fair and that a policy, or program, or process is not discriminatory.
  • 10.1a – Provide examples of how the College assists registrants in implementing required changes to standards of practice or practice guidelines (beyond communicating the existence of new standard, FAQs, or supporting documents).
  • 14.3a – Performance results related to a College’s strategic objectives and regulatory outcomes are made public on the College’s website.
Figure 1. Count of 2023 CPMF Responses
Figure 2. Distribution of CPMF Responses – 2022 vs. 2023 (#, %)