Council Meeting Highlights, June 6, 2014

Spectacle Therapy Using the Internet: Council approved a new document, “Spectacle Therapy Using the Internet,” which is now posted on the College website (PDF). This document was developed by the Clinical Practice Panel of the Quality Assurance Committee. It offers guidance on the appropriate use of the Internet when performing the controlled act of dispensing. The document outlines the checks and balances that must be in place for members to meet the standard of practice when using technology to provide spectacle therapy to patients.

Independent Contractor: The College continues to receive questions and feedback from members and stakeholders about the new Professional Misconduct Regulation. Council approved a new explanatory document, “Independent Contractor,” that provides more detail about requirements for members working with opticians, corporations, and others as independent contractors. Please click here to read the document (PDF).

OPR Updates: Council approved new documents for inclusion in the Optometric Practice Reference (OPR). New OPR documents are: 7.12 Patients with Amblyopia and 7.13 Patients with Uveitis. Council also approved revisions to existing documents. 

Treatment of Spouse: Under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), health-care professionals, including optometrists, are prohibited from treating their spouses, as it constitutes sexual abuse of a patient. A recent amendment to the RHPA allows Colleges to make a regulation that allows members to treat their spouses. Council approved for circulation a regulation proposal that would allow treatment of spouses. This will circulate to members and stakeholders for comment. Consultation information will be sent out soon to gather your input on this regulation amendment. Once the consultation is completed, Council must consider comments and approve the regulation for submission to the government for approval.

Fee for Short Record Assessment By-Law Amendment: Council approved the circulation, for comment by members, of a proposed amendment to the Schedule of Fees and Penalties of the College By-Laws. Members who do not meet the mandatory continuing education requirement at the end of a CE cycle are required to undergo a practice assessment by the Quality Assurance Committee. The Quality Assurance Committee has determined that a short record assessment (SRA) would be the most appropriate practice assessment modality when assessing members referred due to deficient CE hours. Consultation information will be sent out soon to gather your input on this by-law amendment. Once consultation has been completed, Council will consider it for approval at its September meeting.

College Recognition Program: Council has adopted a recognition program of magnetic lapel pins that use the new College branding. Members should expect to receive their blue “Member” pin in the mail along with the College’s 2013 Annual Report. Council members received special “Council” pins at the meeting. “President” pins were presented to Dr. Dennis Ruskin, President of the College, and immediate past-president, Dr. Richard Kniaziew. “Merit” pins will be presented to those members who contribute to the College, the profession, and to the community at large.

Council Meeting Minutes: Minutes of previous Council meetings are now available on the College website. The minutes of the meetings of April 7, 2014 and the teleconference of May 6, 2014 are available here.

The next Council meeting will be held Friday, September 16, 2014, at the College office, 65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto. Council meetings are open to the public, and members are welcome to attend.