OE Tracker

Creating and Using an OE TRACKER account

Contact ARBO to receive your OE TRACKER number and set up your online account. Be sure to confirm with ARBO that you are a member of the College of Optometrists of Ontario.

You must submit all CE credit hours (both COPE-accredited and other learning opportunities) to the OE TRACKER.

COPE-accredited CE

A participation verification certificate must be issued for COPE-accredited CE activities. Some CE providers send attendance information directly to OE TRACKER. Otherwise, you must submit your own CE certificates to OE TRACKER.

Other Learning Opportunities

After completing each learning opportunity, you must complete the Other Learning Opportunities form and submit it to OE TRACKER. A participation verification certificate is not required for other learning opportunities, only this form would suffice.

Submit your documents (in PDF or JPG format) by:

When submitting documents to your OE TRACKER account, select the “COPE” option for COPE-accredited CE and select the “NON-COPE” option for other learning opportunities.

It will take up to five business days before the hours are confirmed and reflected in the account.

Subscription Fees

For the current CE cycle (January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2026) the College is paying OE TRACKER subscription fees for all Ontario optometrists. Payments made by optometrists for the OE TRACKER may not be refundable.

Annual Renewal

OE TRACKER is completely independent of the annual renewal process. If your OE TRACKER hours are not up-to-date, this will not affect your ability to renew your membership with the College. However, you must ensure that your hours are up-to-date in your OE TRACKER profile by the end of the current CE cycle.

Change/Update the OE TRACKER CE Credits

Submit your request to change or update CE credit information directly to OE TRACKER. It will take two weeks before the changes are reflected in your account.